संस्थाको उद्देश्य :

• To establish buildings and quarters for Hospital with accessibility and healthy environment, considering the handicaps too.
• To equip Hospital with necessary equipment and maintain its management.
• To construct compound wall around the land.
• To provide holistic services to the people.
• To continue the current services (clinical, birthing centre, MCH clinic, safe abortion, TB and Leprosy referral centre, family planning, orthopedica, ambulance etc.)
• To start new services (major operations, snake bite management, post-mortem, ICU, physiotherapy, blood bank, mobile Hospital and other Government program)
• To execute health insurance policy according to province and local government.
• To enhance the Hospital and upgrade it to a trauma centre.
• To establish rapid response team (RRT) for disaster preparedness (flood, earthquake, fire, RTA, epidemics)
• To conduct screening camps for hypertension, diabetes mellitus, pulmonary tuberculosis, leprosy, cancer of cervix, malnutrition, uterus prolapse, eye, dental problem etc.
• To continue free sugar test daily.
• To conduct various health awareness programs.
• To conduct Yoga and practice as alternative medicine for improvement of physical and mental

-हालनिम्नानुसारका सेवाहरु संचालन गरिएको छ र क्रमश विस्तार गरीनेछ ।
-आकस्मीक सेवा ( Emergency Service )
-वहिरङ्ग सेवा ( OPD Service)
-अन्तरङ्ग सेवा (५५ सैयां Indoor Department)
-विविध खोप सेवा (Immunization Service)
-परिवार स्वास्थ्य सेवा (Family Health Service)
-प्रसुति सेवा (Gynocology Service)
-सल्यक्रिया सेवा (Surgery)
-X-Ray with CR System सेवा
-ECG सेवा
-U.S.G with color सेवा
-प्रयागेशाला सेवाहरु (Laboratory Service)
-स्वास्थ्य परामर्श सेवा (Health Consultancy)
-फार्मेसी सेवा (Pharmacy Service)
-एम्बुलेन्स सेवा

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